Customisable Empire General
Similar to the customisable Chaos Terminator, I couldn't decide which of the many fancy weapons to arm the new plastic Empire General with, so I elected to paint all of them and equip the set with pins, allowing the arms to be changed whenever you want, effectively allowing you to be incredibly flexible with your army tactics.

This set comes with two figures - the Captain on foot, and the warhorse-riding general/elector count/etc.

The arms are painted to match both characters, and work perfectly on both models. Below is a small selection of them.

Option I : Warhammer

Option II : Lance and shield

Option III : Hand weapon and pistol

Option IV : Army standard and Runefang/Magic weapon

Obviously, there are many more combinations of arms, such as sword & pistol, banner and hand-weapon, etc., etc.

This set is effectively endlessly customisable, and looks wonderful leading your army.

They cost 90 for everything - arms aplenty and the two characters. If you'd like to buy it, contact me and they can be in the post in a matter of hours.

Again, I will remove this page once they're sold, just so no-one has their heart broken.