Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard, The Hammer of the Imperium

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Cadia's Last Stand
This is a one-of-a-kind item, a diorama of the last stand of a group of Cadian Shock Troops, includi..
Ex Tax: £200.00
Cadian Whiteshield Conscript Squadron
This squad is a ten-man squad of Whiteshields, including an officer, a wounded man, a flamer, vox op..
Ex Tax: £180.00
Cadian Whiteshield Officer Cadet Command Squad
These guys are led by a young officer, and carry some fairly hefty firepower. The officer is armed w..
Ex Tax: £100.00
Cadian Whiteshield Regimental Sergeant Major Command Squad
This is a particularly nice set; it's the command squad for an entire Whiteshield regiment, crewed b..
Ex Tax: £150.00
Commissar Lord
Up for auction, a Commissar Lord of the Imperial Guard This is a beautiful item, with the Lord po..
Ex Tax: £60.00
Fortress of Arrogance Command Baneblade
This is a particularly special model. We've extensively converted a Baneblade into a huge command ta..
Ex Tax: £250.00
Lord Solar Macharius & Honour Guard
Up for sale, a converted and very rare Imperial Guard command Squad. The squad is made up of impe..
Ex Tax: £200.00
Tallarn Detachment
Up for sale, a truly unique (and very fancy) converted Tallarn detachment. It's made up of a squa..
Ex Tax: £150.00
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