Back in Business! 
It's been a couple of years, a few home moves, and a hell of a lot of paint, but I'm back!

Loyal followers and commission-buyers will know I've still be working away behind the scenes, and occasionally doing a spot of eBay work, but I've finally got things sorted out and will be selling off an enormous amount of items on ebay in the next few weeks - everything from new Grey Knights to old Tallarns, incredibly rare limited editions, a couple of cathedrals, and even a Fortress of Arrogance!

As a quick teaser, here's a few Death Korps items that'll be up on ebay over the next few days. I'll be updating every time there's new lots, so keep an eye out!

Death Korps of Krieg High Command

Death Korps of Krieg Regimental Commissar

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